Telephone, Data and Cable

  • Are you doing renovations and need a new telephone or data jack installed?
  • Is your wireless connection not cutting it and you need a direct connection?
  • Are you mounting your TV on the wall and you don’t want to see the wires running up the wall?
  • Is your existing system not functioning and needs troubleshooting?
  • Do need a custom length of HDMI, network, or coax cable for your setup?
  • Are your computers protected by an UPS?
  • Is your equipment protected by an isolated ground? We provide isolated ground to protect your valuable equipment
  • Is your equipment well ventilated?

Hot Electric can install or reroute a telephone, data, cable, HDMI jack anywhere in your house. We can provide complete power conditioning for your equipment which includes Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Surge Protection and Isolated Ground. Call us today for more information.