Prior to starting the company, Paul has worked as an electrician for over 6 years, developing and fine tuning his skills in the workplace. He started his apprenticeship in 2005 at BCIT, later completing his qualification of trades training as an electrician in 2010. Mr. Hardiman developed his skills in the industry through residential and commercial applications; by wiring, trouble shooting, lighting installation and design, to name a few.

His ability to learn quickly, make executive decisions, and provide outstanding customer service has made him an excellent role model, leader in business and the community. This propelled Paul to start the company with his best friend since childhood, Tristan Cimoszko and co-worker/friend, Martin Cyr. By doing so it has brought about a lot of excitement and joy to work in a team atmosphere again.

Paul Hardiman believes that promoting a balanced and active lifestyle will provide long-term sustainable growth for the company. Furthermore, by placing a strong emphasis on customer service and having a friendly approach can create a solid client base and repeat business.

When not working, Paul loves fitness, spending some time at the gym, out on the slopes, or on the football field. Having fun and taking care of himself has kept him motivated, healthy, and on top of his game.

Paul Hardiman and Hot Electric are here to meet your needs and will help with any electrical issues or questions. Please feel free to contact him either via his personal email or cell.

Paul Hardiman