Homes built before the 1960’s used cartridge and screw type fuses. The downfall with this type of system is that any rating of fuse can screw into the same socket. This is often the case because there are no safeguards on the panel to stop someone replacing a 15 amp fuse with a 20 or 30 amp fuse. If a larger fuse is installed, the home owner may never experience that fuse being blown. This becomes an extremely dangerous situation because the circuit current carrying capacity is increased and the wire will not be able to handle an increased load, resulting in an electrical fire hazard. Overloading a circuit could potentially melt wires, cause a spark and start a fire.

With all the new appliances and equipment being used today, older fuses and wiring systems are not capable of handling the increased loads. It is also very common to see improper and uninspected renovations on older, outdated fuse panels that are unsafe. These are all electrical hazards that need to be corrected. Most insurance companies will not insure a house unless the fuse panel is changed to a circuit breaker panel.


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