Knob and Tube Wire Upgrade

Knob and Tube wiring was a method of wiring used in North America between 1880 and the 1930s. It consists of single insulated copper conductors ran through walls and ceilings. When passing through studs and joist spaces the wire was protected by a porcelain insulating tube and supported along their length by porcelain knob insulators. There are several disadvantages of knob and tube wiring such as not including a safety grounding conductor and permitting in wall splices without the use of a junction box. Therefore a potential fire hazard of an uncontained spark caused by arcing due to a mechanical failure of a splice could occur. Many insurance companies will not insure a house because of these issues.


Hot Electric has the experience and knowledge to convert your home to the wiring methods up to today’s code. Call us today to take advantage of this service and allow us to perform a free Home Safety Check-up.

  • Old wiring method that does not incorporate a safety grounding conductor
  • Allowed in wall splices therefore causing a potential fire hazard from arcing due to mechanical failure