Surge Protection

A surge is a high voltage electrical disturbance that travels through your AC power, cable and telephone lines, potentially damaging home appliances and electronics. There are several types of power disturbances including voltage dips (also known as brownouts), electromagnetic interference, radio frequency interference and power surges (also known as voltage surges). An event like this could damage all your electronics costing your thousands of dollars. That is why it’s important to install Total Home Surge Protection before it’s too late.


Benefits of Total Home Surge Protection:

  • Increase the reliability and life of your electrical equipment
  • Minimize the inconvenience, cost and repairs of your electrical devices
  • Increase the value of your home with Total Home Surge Protection
  • Protects telephone, coaxial and power circuits

Increase the protection of all your valuable electronic devices in your home by installing a hard wired Total Home Surge Protection System. Be pro active and request the installation of this device to greatly minimize the possibility of cost and repairs due to power irregularities such as surges and spikes. Installing Total Home Surge Protection is a very small price to pay compared to all your expensive electronic equipment. Call us today for a free quote and we will also perform a Free Home Safety Check-up.