After one year he landed a job at Vancouver Community College (VCC) as the building maintenance engineer at both the Downtown and Broadway campus. During this time he developed important customer service and social skills, always fixing any problems that arose. He was given the huge responsibility of making sure the building was in good operating conditions. This was an immense task but he rose to the occasion and performed his duties to the best of his ability. He also began his electrical apprenticeship at VCC while improving his knowledge and skills as a building maintenance engineer.

After two years at VCC, he decided to move on to doing electrical work including construction, troubleshooting, service and renovations. Learning a new trade was very exciting and rewarding for him compared to power engineering. He passed the 4 levels of electrical schooling and was ready to tackle any electrical task put in front of him.

Over the years he has built a wide range of skills through power engineering and electrical, putting him a step above the competition. After working for 4 years as an electrician, Tristan had an urge and felt it was time to challenge himself again. He then decided to start his own company teaming up with Paul who he has known for 20 years and Martin who was Paul’s co-worker for 4 years.

With all the new technologies arising, Tristan is keeping on top of all of these to provide the maximum quality of service and knowledge to customers. He is one of three co-owners that takes great pride in their quality of work and are always striving to improve. If you have any questions or issues, feel free to contact him via his personal email or cell.

Tristan Cimoszko